Studio Microphone


In-house recording studio ready to go with electric drum kit that triggers EZ drummer software, (see video on home page)

Along with a line 6 guitar pod, choose your preferred amp model, bring your choice of pedals, there is no time wasted setting up, come in and get started.

Mixing Console

Mixing / Editing

Armed with the know-how to edit your tracks and mix them to get them sounding great, ranging from live recorded shows to past recordings that you've been wanting to get out there. 


Drum tracks

Real drum tracks played and recorded to give your music life. Various formats available, Midi files, Stereo track, or multi audio tracks. Sent to your inbox, either raw or with processing.

(See video on home page)


Drummer for hire

Experienced drummer available for session hire, one-off performance and touring. With 30+ years drumming with rock industry legends, The Choirboys, and also members of Rose Tattoo, The Angels, The Screaming jets, Black Sorrows and many more also various tributes, Greg can rock the drums to your music with dynamics that suite the songs.