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 Drum tracks/Home recording studio, and avail for gigs!

Upcoming shows. 2020

March 8, Serpentine sky Melodick rock festival, National theatre st kilda.

March 14, Stevie / Linda / Carol song book, York on Lilydale.

March 20, Shoot to thrill, London eleven bike & tattoo show.

March 21, Whole lotta Rosie, SS& A club Albury.

March 28, AC/DShe, Cranbourne RSL.

April 9, AC/DShe,

April 24, Lowgods, Stay gold Brunswick. 

May 8, Stevie / Linda / Carol songbook, Terminus hotel Healsville.

May 9, Stevie / Linda / Carol, Musicland Fawkner.

May 22, Stevie / Linda / Carol, Norwood S.A.

May 23, Stevie / Linda / Carol Mildura.

May 29, Stevie / Linda / Carol, Launceston country club.

May 30, Granada Tavern Hobart.




I have a quick and easy way to record your demo's, the in house electric drum kit,along with the Line 6 guitar pod makes for hardly any set up time. so the time spent in the studio is dedicated to your recording.


You can choose to have either, Midi files, Stereo track, or multi audio tracks sent to your inbox, either with, or without any sound processes.  And you get the value of a real time feel with me learning the song and getting it right, instead of using drum loops & fills out of a program that doesn't really suit. It might take me 2 hours, or it might take 6 hours to get it right. I will send you a version with your song for review to make sure that you are happy with the outcome before I send you the files.

Check out the sound sample further down the page.

            MIXING / EDITING

Have any live recordings laying around that you've been wanting mixed but not got around to it?

It's becoming my thing, check out some samples further down the page.



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Link to you tube, my band video's.

Something I created during Covid 19 lockdown

Want drums for a recording? This is how they sound in my studio. Easily done.

Where's Chuck Live.Sound production done here.Also me on vocals.
Cattletruck,live at Corner hotel Richmond.Sound production done here.
Cattletruck, live at Corner hotel Richmond. Sound production done here.
Photo gallery
Blood sweat & beers - The concert. Phone audio
Blood sweat & beers - The concert
Phone audio
Shane"Turk" Tresize Live in Nashville


With over 30 years of playing live gigs all around Australia, countless times in recording studio’s playing on artist albums and demos.
From the many residencies in the bars and nightclubs around Melbourne to weddings, corporate gigs, 5,000 seat arena’s and outdoor concert stages. I have dedicated my life to music, loving all the Aussie rock stuff of the 70's & 80's. I have worked hard to get to where I am and have been fortunate to have played along side some of my peers, with the likes of  
Angry Anderson & other members of Rose Tattoo, The Choirboys, members from Screaming jets, The Angels, & Mark Evans ex AC/DC.

Drums and music have been a part of my life since my early teens. My mates call me the drummer of rock for a reason.

I have a good ear for detail and knowledge on how to get your song sounding great.




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Demo recording - music school st kilda
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